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Granola-Yogurt-Mixed Berry Bowl with Chia Seeds (Breakfast)

Granola-Yogurt-Mixed Berry Bowl with Chia Seeds (Breakfast) I have been feeling overwhelmed and overworked since last December. I would wake up exhausted each morning and as the day would progress, I would feel more and more drained out. Daily chores and my workload would seem never-ending and I would fret about chores not being done while working - the downside of working from home.  I would make a schedule, and then deviate from it just because I would be too tired to get anything done. It was like I was living my life in a 'zombie-mode' - sleep deprived and lethargic.
Then, a client introduced me to the concept of 'adrenal fatigue' - and how diet and lifestyle changes can bring about a positive effect on the mind and body. Ever since then I have been trying to make some lifestyle changes. The changes were simple enough, like
Incorporating lifestyle changes to fight fatigue (just a few of many) At least 30 minutes of active time each day (not just doing chores) Eat…

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