Chicken Soup

All three of us woke up with a sore throat this morning. And on days like today I make chicken soup - a quick fix one. Some Sundays Ma would make Chilly Chicken, Fried Rice and Chicken Soup - those Sundays were happy ones. She would marinate the chicken post boiling it and use some of the broth making the chilly chicken, some of it in the rice and rest would become the easiest and tastiest chicken soup ever. Today called for some of that chicken soup. My Ma used to use some cornflour to thicken it - I make mine healthier by throwing in some veggies.
This is how I made it: I started off by boiling some chicken, in about 6cups of water, that I would marinate to make chilly chicken later. I threw in a fat pinch of salt in it. Once it started boiling I lowered the heat and and using a pair of tongs picked out the pieces of chicken. I shredded a few pieces of chicken and threw those back into the broth. Added a handful of peas, corns and carrots. I used frozen. Whisked 2 eggs in a separate bowl and added that to the broth, stirring constantly. Cracked some black pepper and all done!
Update: I made the soup again but this time with different vegetables and also threw in some noodles.


Keka said…
looks good on both counts!
KB said…
Looks good! I have always hated food that is too complicated to make - to me simple is better and more healthy! Plus, the less mashed, overcooked and overprocessed - the more healthy it is!
Cocoawind said…
That is my favorite kind of food too KB! Thanks!

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