First Kolkata Food Bloggers' Meet

I met some awesome young ladies at the first Kolkata Bloggers' Meet at the Haka restaurant (City Center, Kolkata) and here are some snapshots of the brilliant lunch we had. Kamalika (the brain behind this) and Poorna (the chirpiest of the lot) had some amazing ideas and we are all looking forward to seeing these get materialised. How can I forget the sweet and thoughtful gifts which Kamalika and Archita and Amrita got for us :).
Gifts from Kamalika & Archita
Gift from Amrita
 Archita got Godiva chocolates for us and Kamalika got beautifully wrapped Cadbury Diary Milk. Amrita gifted us with homemade cakes cutely wrapped and each came with a cuter message.

Bloody Mary

Fresh Lime Soda

 The Group!

 I hope we do this again soon.. a session full of good food... foodie talks... and exchange of more brilliant ideas!!


Nupur said…
great picture ! glad to see faces behind the words..

glad to follow you, keep going :)

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