Fire and Ice Pizzeria, Middleton Row: Review

The Kolkata Food Bloggers and Chef at Large Bloggers' Table, Kolkata met at Fire and Ice Pizzeria located near Russel Street on Middleton Row to try out their authentic Italian fare. The meet was on a Saturday afternoon, 1pm. This was my first time to this place, but I had heard good things about their 'Fire and Ice' thin crust pizza. This was also the first time that I would be trying out Italian food in Kolkata - my only experience, in this city so far had been limited to Dominos and Pizza Hut - so was very excited.
The decor was pretty neat and inviting.  We seated ourselves at large table as we were about 7 or 8!

For Starters we ordered:
  • Farcita (not on the menu)(Rs 400 approx) - Bread/Pizza Dough stuffed with fresh slices of tomatoes and mozzarella - the bread was too chewy and the stuffing lacked seasoning
  • Spiedini Alla Griglia (Rs 495) - Chicken and Bell Pepper Skewers - These were rather succulent and the dip took it to a different level.
  • Rondelle Di Patate Fritte (Rs 295)- This was an average dish - the potatoes were not crunchy at all and reminded me of Banana Chips from the South!

For Main Course we ordered:
  •  A half n half pizza - Pepperoni (Rs 525) on one side and Fire n Ice (Rs400) on the other - The pizza was really nice, thin crust and flavorful. The Fire n Ice comes especially recommended. 
  • Bolognese (Rs 435) - Penne Pasta tossed in the traditional Italian meat sauce - The pasta needed more seasoning, and the sauce was missing the subtle hint of tomatoes.
  • Lasagna Tradizionale (Rs 495) - The pasta sheets were a little too overdone and the meat sauce tasted the same as Bolognese, except for some cheese. Look-wise the dish wasn't appetizing either!

For dessert we ordered Chocolate Mousse (too dense)(Rs235) and Apple Pie (Too cinnamon-y and the crust was not flaky)(Rs 250) with Vanilla Icecream - most of us agreed that there is huge room for improvement.
I had gone there with the high expectations of 'a little slice of Italy' right here in Kolkata but the preparations lacked rustic simplicity and flavors of Italian food. However, the 'Fire and Ice' Pizza is highly recommended.
I was a tiny bit disappointed as far as the service went - I know it is challenging to cater to a larger group with different order specifications, but since they have been around for quite a few years - one can presume that they have the practice!
And oh, it is a pricey place! If I am coughing up that much, I would definitely expect better ambiance, better service , better food and definitely better chairs! 

Address: 41, Jawaharlal Nehru Road,Kanak Building,Ground Floor, Near Russel Street, Kolkata
Contact: 033 66064206 ext:307
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