Thursday, December 05, 2013

Green Beans on the side

Green Beans

This provides nice balance to your proteins.  Easy to make, high on taste and good for you. 

This is what you need:
  • Greens Beans - 1 lb, snipped at edges
  • Butter - 1 tbs
  • Oil - 1 tbs (or you can use all butter)
  • Garlic- 2 tsp, minced.
  • Cranberries - A handful, optional
  • Salt to taste
All you need to do is blanch the beans in water which has been generously seasoned with salt for about 4 minutes till the beans turn a brighter green. Drain and plunge in a bowl of ice water. This will help in retaining the crunchiness and color. In a pan, heat the butter + oil. Add minced garlic and fry till fragrant. Add the green beans and toss till nicely coated.

Serve with your favorite protein. We had this as a part of our Thanksgiving lunch so I added cranberries to it.

1 comment:

Keka said...

love green beans!
have you tried bacon bits with this?

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