Monday, September 01, 2014

3 ingredient Peach 'Dump' Cake - So Easy!

31st August 2014: This cake/crumble/whatever you call it is ridiculously easy to make and so outrageously tasty. You just need a few ingredients and you just 'dump' the ingredients just like the name suggests and bake for about 45-55 minutes and you are done! No chilling, whisking, melting, mixing required. 
With Durga Puja coming up in less than a month, the rehearsals for the cultural programs are on full swing. The husband and I have been gently 'coerced' into performing a two-minute piece (more on that later!) and whenever there are rehearsals, there is food! Loads of it. Today, it is going to be a 'Chaat' Potluck Party. Since I did not have any 'chaat' ingredients on hand and was too bored to go looking for some, I volunteered to take desserts. No party is a party without dessert, I say!

3 ingredient Peach 'Dump' Cake - So Easy!

Now I needed something that would be enough for about 20 adults, and since I had not been feeling too well for the last few days, I wanted to make something easy and quick! A quick search on the internet (this recipe is inspired by Ree Drummond's Dump Cake, followed by a quick trip to the grocery store, a quick assembly of ingredients and 55 minutes later I ended up with this beauty. Okay, it might not look very pretty... but it is oh-so-good! The husband did not show much enthusiasm about the peachy dessert, neither did the almost 5 year old (I can't believe it is his birthday in a just 3 weeks!). One taste later they were converted!

3 ingredient Peach 'Dump' Cake - So Easy!

  • One box of yellow cake mix. 
  • 2 15 oz Cans of peach in heavy syrup 
  • Butter - 1 stick (1/2 Cup), chilled (it will just be easier to cut)
  • Cinnamon - 1/2 tsp (optional)
  • Brown Sugar - 2 tbsp (optional)

3 ingredient Peach 'Dump' Cake - So Easy!

Yup! This is all you need. And you can totally skip the brown sugar and cinnamon. Since I wanted to taste a bit and take few photos (and did not want to dig into the dessert I would be carrying for the potluck), I set aside a wee bit to make some in 2 ramekins which took about 30 minutes to bake. I made it in an oven-proof 8x6 inch glassware but you can bake the entire thing in a 13x9 inch pan. 

Preheat oven to 350 F. Grease your pan with some butter. 

3 ingredient Peach 'Dump' Cake - So Easy!

Drain the syrup from one can and reserve it. Dump the peaches of both the cans + the liquid from one can into the pan you are baking the 'Dump Cake' in. I arranged the slices of peach just because I felt like - you can totally skip that. Throw in the box mix and using your hands or the back of a spoon, smooth it over the peaches. Do not mix. Slowly drizzle the reserved syrup on the layer of box mix. Slice the butter and arrange pats of it on the box mix layer. Whisk the brown sugar and cinnamon together (if you are using) and sprinkle it on top. Bake for about 45-55 minutes or till the top starts browning a little and you are done! Serve with a dollop of whipped cream or a scoop of ice-cream or as it is! 

3 ingredient Peach 'Dump' Cake - So Easy!


Nilanjana said...

I had this somewhere. But was not sure how to make it. Thanks Saro for sharing the recipe. Will make the dump cake this weekend.

Cocoawind said...

Thank you Nilanjana :)

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