And he turned 5!

The almost 5-year old turned 5 over the last weekend. I still hadn't recovered from the week-long Disney Vacation, when the husband and I plunged headlong into prepping for his birthday party. It was going to be a small celebration with just a handful of neighborhood kids at home. But the husband and I were going to bake his birthday cakes - yes cakes! I got over-ambitious and thought of baking not one but 2 cakes, using techniques that I had never used before. Plus 12 cupcakes. And some number '5' cookies.  And everything in the theme of his party - Monster Inc/University. Instead of going overboard with the decorations, we stuck mostly to the theme colors - green, purple and teal and threw in some Monster Inc/Univ decorations.

Here are a few glimpses of the little guy's big day! 

Mike Wazowski Birthday Cake, Sully Cupcake, Surprise inside Cake

Mike Wazowski Cake - Chocolate Cake w/butter-cream frosting (fondant)
The Monster University Cake with the surprise '5' inside
Sully Cupcakes - Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with butter-cream frosting
No 5 Cookies using this recipe.

Mike Wazowski Birthday Cake, Sully Cupcake, Surprise inside Cake

Will put up the recipe for the surprise '5' inside cake soon! 


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