Easy Peasy Cake Balls

It was my husband's birthday last month, so of course I had to bake a cake for him. I was trying out a new recipe - Chocolate Truffle Cake, and in my eagerness to finish things fast, I tried to take the cake out of the pan a little too soon. Woe struck! My cake broke into pieces. My heart raced. My thoughts jumbled up. This has never happened to me before! Not even when I had just started baking. What did I do wrong. What did I miss. How can I fix it.  And guess what made it worse - the taste! It tasted so good and yet it lay in front of me broken into pieces - beyond repair. It was ten in the night and I had run out of ingredients as well. Thank goodness I always have some box mixes stowed away in the pantry as fall-back options. So I could manage to bake a cake for him! 
So what did I do with broken cake  - I made Easy Peasy dessert for a potluck - Cake Balls! Kid friendly and adults love them too! All you need is a cake of your choice and some frosting/ganache.
For chocolate ganache recipe, click here!

Easy Peasy Cake Balls


  • Cake of your choice - 1
  • Chocolate ganache/Your Choice of Frosting - about 3/4 to 1 Cup
  • Cocoa Powder - 1 tbsp for dusting 
Line a cookie sheet with a parchment paper and keep aside. Break up the cake into small pieces using your hand and pulse it in the mixer till it is of crumbly consistency. Transfer to a large bowl. Now add about 1/4 Cup of the chocolate ganache to it. Using your hand start mixing it together. Keep adding more chocolate ganache to it till you get the consistency when the mix comes together niceluy and can be rolled into balls. Pinch out 2 tablespoon worth cake-ganache mix and using the palms of your hands roll it into smooth balls. Arrange on the cookie sheet. Now take the tablespoon-full cocoa powder in a strainer and dust gently on top of the cake balls. Now transfer them onto mini cupcake liner and these are ready to be served to your guests. 


These don't look like disaster management at all Sarani! But cake balls and truffles are such life savers, I swear! :)

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