Assam 1860 - 'Tea as it should be'

While I was in Kolkata this time I received a message on my blog's Facebook page from James Warren Tea Ltd asking me if I would be interested in sampling their newest launch Assam1860. Now how can an ardent tea lover turn down such an offer! Unfortunately I did not get a chance to open the beautiful package that came in the mail 2 days later during my stay at Kolkata.

Today I made my first cup of Assam 1860...
It was a journey of the senses from the very get-go. From the striking packaging to the beautifully hand stitched tea bags to the taste - it was pure pleasure! One sniff of the delightful aroma and a sip later, I was a fan of this black tea (CTC) with distinctive full-bodied flavors. If I had tasted it while I was in Kolkata I would have definitely brought back more with me. The beautiful packaging and pretty hand-stitched tea bags would have made a lovely gift!
I liked my cuppa with milk (I don't add sugar to my tea, but feel free to add a spoonful or two)! If you don't mind a strong brew, you may like it without milk.  Next I am going to use the loose CTC which came in a resealable package (80 gms) and spice it up with some crushed elaichi (green cardamom). I might whip up some iced tea as well! Then mop around a little when I have used up all of the 80 gms of loose CTC and all of the 10 tea bags while asking friends and family coming to the US to bring back some Assam1860 for me!
For ordering and more information visit - They ship all over India.
Their story:
We’ve been growing tea for more than 150 years. That’s right, 150 years of experience and expertise that goes into making a cup of tea with pedigree. And it tastes delicious.
Assam 1860 is a black tea that celebrates tea itself. It is made only from leaves plucked in the picturesque Thowra Estate, a chai bagan set up in 1860. We ensure that the phrase ‘garden fresh’ lives up to its every promise.
The leaves are plucked, processed and packed in the estate itself, ensuring quality and freshness that is unparalleled. So wherever you are, you might as well be drinking your cup of Assam 1860 on the verdant verandah of the Thowra Bungalow, overlooking graceful rolling greens on our lush terraces.
(This is not a paid review)


Hamaree Rasoi said…
Very informative review of the Warren Tea's latest offering. Pics are amazing as well.
Cocoawind said…
Thank you so much Deepa.. I totally loved it!

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