A short break. Happy Holidays & a very Happy New Year!

I have realized that I have not been trying out new recipes like I used to. I have not been giving my blog my 100%. It is not that I do not have time on hand. After my parents left, I am left with a chunk of the day, when I do not have anything to do. I am almost tempted to blame it totally on the innumerable changes we have been going through this year. But there are other contributing factors too.
My tennis elbow (and accompanying shoulder spasm) which decides to flare up at all the wrong times. The flares have gotten too frequent off late.
Then there's this Social media. I have decided to be sparingly on Facebook & WhatsApp. Not only are these distracting, all the typing is making my pain worse.
The 6 1/4 yo's busy schedule. Chaperoning him around takes up a chunk of my time and energy too.
And finally, with the husband traveling frequently, there's no one to eat what I make! And I totally count on him to give me honest feedback on the recipes that I try out. Now I can always try out new recipes on Fridays. But by the time the week comes to an end, I am just too tired to execute my plans that I have been hatching all week. All I want to do is order Chinese take out! And that's exactly what we do!
The 6 1/4 year old is still a somewhat picky eater and he will not eat everything that I make. And sometimes he gives me very mixed reviews. Take for example the gorgeous Roasted Pecans. First he said he liked them. Then he said he did not like them. Then the other day when his father was snacking on a small bowlful, he took it from him and polished off almost half of it. Again today, he refused to eat them. Not reliable at all!
So till I get a hang of the schedule a little and a better control  of the nagging aches & pains, I have decided to take a tiny break from blogging. The break can be as short as a week. Now there has been weeks when there has been no new recipes published on the blog, but there has not been a day that I have not felt guilty about not blogging.
This is going to be a guilt-free break.
Happy Holidays, and a very Happy New Year (just in case I am not back in time to wish you all)


Rafeeda AR said…
Take care and hope you have a great break...
Cocoawind said…
Thank you :) I am already ready to be back! Have a happy holiday!

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