Oven baked Mahi Mahi with Bell Pepper Salad

Oven baked Mahi Mahi with Bell Pepper Salad

Yo! I  have jumped on the "making healthier choices" bandwagon this year again! But this year I have set more realistic goals for myself. Flavorful and fun meals is what I am aiming for. Lean fat, loads of greens, smoothies, smart snacking and including small portion of desserts are on my list. Easy stretches, walking and Yoga have made the list too! Now the question is how long can I stay committed! We'll see!

We just came back from a 6 day long Hawaiian vacation (more about that later). The first week of January was mostly spent in getting ready for the trip! So today was officially the first day of making healthier choices this year.
It might be a little difficult to follow the goals I have set for myself from the very get-go as we still have some leftover snacks from the trip - now we shouldn't waste food, right? But I am sure I will get better over the next few days.
For this week, I bought fish and shrimps, broccoli, carrots, beans, bell peppers, cucumber, hummus, whole wheat pasta, an assortment of nuts (including dark chocolate covered almonds), dates, frozen fruits (for smoothies), cheese and of course lime/lemon and cilantro to brighten up the dishes I make. Oh, I got some collard greens as well - it will be the first time I make some! Will let you know how it turned out!
As always, this is an easy-fix dinner which works out great for weeknight.
Oven baked Mahi Mahi with Bell Pepper Salad
  • Mahi Mahi fillet - about 4 (1 lb)
  • Garlic Powder - 1/4 tsp
  • Bread crumbs - 1 tbsp (I used Italian style bread crumbs which added an extra punch of flavor)
  • Salt & Black Pepper powder to taste
  • Lime Juice
  • Oil - 1 tsp
For the bell pepper salad, I tossed a cup of cored and diced bell peppers (red, yellow & green), 1/4 Cup of onions, 1 small tomato (de-seeded and chopped), 1/4 Cup of finely chopped cilantro, few squeezes of lime juice, salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste and 1/2 tsp of chaat masala (optional). You can add little chili flakes or cayenne pepper powder if you prefer some heat.
Set the oven rack in the middle and preheat oven to 425 F. Line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil, brush it with little oil and arrange the fillets in a single layer. Drizzle the remaining oil on the fish fillets, hit them few squeezes of lime (or lemon) juice and season with salt & freshly ground black pepper. Sprinkle the bread crumb to coat the fish fillets evenly.
Bake for about 20-25 minutes till done. Serve hot with a side of salad. Whole wheat cooked orzo is our new favorite choice for carb. But we ate a slice of multi-seed whole wheat bread tonight as I totally forgot to pick some orzo up from Wholefoods!
Oven baked Mahi Mahi with Bell Pepper Salad


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