Quinoa Breakfast Bowl - Ingredient of the Month

Quinoa Breakfast Bowl - Ingredient of the Month

The ingredient of the Month (April) is Kickass Quinoa - a superfood in its own right.

Instead of your bowl of oatmeal in the morning, try this. This does require a little prep work but the best part is that you can make a batch of quinoa on Sunday and use it throughout the week. Cooking quinoa is just as easy.
Ingredients: 2 small servings
  • Cooked Quinoa - 1 Cup (recipe here)
  • Milk - 1 Cup (I used almond milk)
  • Cinnamon Powder - 1/2 tsp
  • Raisins - 1 or 2 tbsp., depending on your preference
  • Chopped nuts of your choice (optional, I used almonds)
  • Honey - for drizzling (optional)
Quinoa Breakfast Bowl - Ingredient of the Month
Bring a cup of milk to simmer along with the cinnamon powder and raisins. Throw in the cooked quinoa to it. Once it comes to a boil, lower the heat and let the quinoa cook in the milk till it reaches your preferred consistency. Stir from time to time. Take it off heat, once done.
Transfer to a bowl. Add a handful of chopped nuts to it. Drizzle some honey if you want to. I did not - the sweetness from the raisins did the trick for me! Enjoy!


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