Mother's Day 2016

Mother's Day 2016

Over the years I have heard different things from people regarding the hype behind these 'special days'.

"It's a money making scheme!"
"Why is it just one day, every day should be '______' Day!"
"Oh, I love to celebrate '______' Day!"
"The reality is, where there is real love, there's no show!"

The fact is reality is a peculiar concept. What is real for one, might be very unreal for another. Each family is unique and each family's journey is extremely special. What works for one, might not for the other but that does not mean one is  any less or more than the other. We all celebrate in our own little ways.

I try not to make big deal out of Mother's Day. But the 6.5 yo had made elaborate plans with his father and his excitement was infectious. He reminded his father last night, while we were on our way back from a dinner - "tomorrow morning, do not forget the list!"

This morning, the minute he was up he declared, "Today is the day when you get unlimited hugs and kisses. Now don't open your eyes till I say you can!" and he bounced out of our room. 

What followed was a whole lot of cuteness! I was served breakfast - heart-shaped toasts and egg, sausage and 2 cups of tea! Along with tulips (in my favorite tulip colors) and chocolates and the gifts he made for me at school. 

A lot of love and planning went behind his effort to make me extra happy today. But does that mean I would have loved him any less if he hadn't or that I would think he doesn't love me enough to make me feel extra special on this particular day - as most of you have guessed, the answer is a big fat NO. Hugs and kisses are all I need! Today and everyday! 

We had been married for 7 years before our son was born.  Of course our life changed after. And ever since he was born, we have been consciously trying to become better people in our struggle to raise a good human being. That might not mean anything to others but that means the world to us. So before we discount somebody else's reality and become all judgmental, we really need to take a step back and remind ourselves that we do not know zilch about the other person's reality. 

Sometimes we just need to take a deep breathe celebrate life with all its imperfections. 

I remind myself to do the same everyday. 

So here's to all us imperfect beings who are working very hard to make things work perfectly for our very unique and very special families - We Rock!

And to all the nurturers who might or might not be a mother (or a father) - you are celebrated everyday!

PS: A big shout-out to the husband who is not very adept at all these but played along with the 6.5 yo!


Sharmila said…
Beautifully written Sarani. Goes straight to the heart. These little gestures and those hugs and kisses are so precious. Enjoy every moment with your little boy. You two are great parents.
Cocoawind said…
Thank you Sharmila :) :)
Lovely human beings raising an amazing little boy. I really look up to you when it comes to parenting choice and I'm glad we have similar priorities!

Cheers to you, me and all those imperfect nurturers out there, who's trying their best to raise the perfect family! WE DO ROCK!!

Thank you for reminding!
Cocoawind said…
Thank you Progna :D
You are privy to the ups and downs of our journey - thank you for lending an ear!

Kamalika C said…
Lovely piece sara..You guys are great parents and Soh is the cutest boy..God bless him..

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