How to make Almond Meal/Almond Flour at home

Making almond flour or almond flour at home might seem a little tedious, but totally worth the effort. First off, it is less costly than buying readymade from the store and most of us have raw almonds stashed in their pantries or refrigerators. The difference between almond meal and almond flour lies in the peel.  We used blanched almonds (see here for how to blanch almonds) to make the almond flour.

We start with raw unsalted almonds.

Pour boiling water on it and leave it for less than a minute.

Drain the water and gently squeeze the peels out. Dry and grind in a food processor. Give it a couple pulses at a time till it turns into a fine powder. If you process it for too long, it will release oil and become almond butter instead.

And in no time your almond flour is ready!


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